A bloodless massacre.. the seventh anniversary of “Al-Ghouta Chemicals”

فريق التحرير22 أغسطس 2020آخر تحديث :
استشهد نحو 1300 مدني وأصيب حوالي 10 ألاف آخرين بالهجوم الكيماوي لنظام الأسد على الغوطة بدمشق ـ أرشيف

Bloodless martyrs, ”a slaughter without blood,“ the massacre of the era. ”With these words, Syrians around the world remember the“ chemical massacre ”committed by the Assad regime, by bombing the eastern and western Damascus Ghouta in August 2013 .

The chemical massacre, in which the Assad regime forces used (SSM) carrying chemical warheads filled with sarin gas, to bomb the two Ghouta which are outside the regime’s control, killing about 1,200 civilians, most of them women and children.

Where al-Assad committed his horrific crime, which killed hundreds of innocent people and left thousands of injured, in an area that was witnessing indiscriminate shelling on a daily basis with various types of weapons , amid a severe siege for more than a year which made it difficult to secure the simplest necessities of life for hundreds of thousands of residents
The regime carried out this massacre, with dozens of missiles loaded with chemicals .
This attack was the largest, since the regime began using chemical weapons against rebellious areas .

The martyrs and the injured were taken to various medical points in the towns and cities of Ghouta .Most of the those injured were killed while they were asleep and were taken out in their pajamas without documents or anything indicating their identity , and what made things worse is the very hot month of August and the absence of electricity and refrigerators to preserve the huge numbers of bodies, thus they were forced in many cases to bury the unknown martyrs before their relatives recognized them and said farewell.

It was not the only or last chemical massacre committed by the Assad regime against the innocent civilians, but it was the ugliest, most terrible, and the most severe death toll of children, women and men in one hour while they were asleep.

Dozens of chemical attacks

The Syrian Network for Human Rights said in its report issued today on the seventh anniversary of the Syrian regime’s chemical attack on the two Ghoutas, that Damascus countryside has been subjected to 71 chemical attacks, and that 2015 witnessed the highest number of chemical attacks during the past nine years.

The report recorded 222 chemical attacks on civilians .The first documented one was on December 23 2012 until August 21 2020, about 98% of them were by the Syrian regime forces, and nearly 2% were by ISIS . According to the report 2015 was the year that witnessed the largest number of attacks that included the various Syrian governorates (Damascus Countryside Governorate witnessed the largest number of attacks, followed by Idlib Governorate).

According to the report, the attacks of the Syrian regime have caused the deaths of 1,510 people. 1409 of them were civilians, including 205 children, 260 women (adult female), 94 armed opposition fighters, and 7 prisoners of the Syrian regime who were in the prisons of the armed opposition.

In addition to 11,080 injured people, including 5 prisoners of the Syrian regime, who were in the prisons of the armed opposition.

Whereas, ISIS carried out 5 chemical attacks since its establishment on April 9, 2013, until August 21, 2020, all of them in Aleppo governorate, causing 132 injuries.

Translated by: Rania Hajqasem


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