With One Leg Al-Homsi Faces Life Alone in Northern Syria

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IMG 3360 - حرية برس Horrya press
©Al-Homsi standing with one leg- Photo by Mustafa Abu Arab- Horrya Press

 Mustafa Abu Arab- Horrya Press:

 Mahmoud Omar Al-Homsi, who was displaced from the town of Ein Tarma, in Eastern Ghouta in rural Damascus,lost his leg, which has been was amputated, in a battle against Assad forces and sectarian militias, in the vicinity of the town of Al-Dukhaniya.

Al-Homsi arrived in northern Syria, with the forcibly displaced people, where he lives in a small house, with his family, in the village of Ftireh, south of Idlib province, lacking life necessities, as his disability no longer allows him to work.

According to Al-Homsi, during violent clashes, in the vicinity of the town of Al-Dukhaniya in rural Damascus, between the revolutionary groups and Assad forces, he was targeted, along with his daughter’s husband, with a rocket, what led to the death of his daughter’s husband immediately, and the amputation of his leg.

IMG 3369 - حرية برس Horrya press
©Al-Homsi breaks sticks with his kid- photo by Mustafa Abu Arab- Horrya Press

Moreover, Al-Homsi came to Idlib with his children, wife, and two daughters whose husbands passed away, due to Assad forces bombing on towns and villages of Eastern Ghouta, in addition to his sister, whose leg has been also amputated, due to a traffic accident that led to the death of her husband.

Al-Homsi lives in a house on the outskirts of Ftireh village, where there is no electricity, in a very poor condition. He is the sole breadwinner, and despite his disability, he is still fighting to live. Besides, he uses a motorcycle for people with special needs, as his wife and children collect olive sticks from nearby olive groves for heating, because they cannot buy firewood to fight the severe cold.

People who has been displaced from Eastern Ghouta, live in very tragic conditions in the liberated areas of northern Syria, due to poor living conditions and lack of employment opportunities.

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