The little Flower Kid

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©Firas the little flower kid- photo by: Alaa Eddin Fatrawi- Horrya Press

Alaa Eddin Fatrawi- Horrya Press:

Firas stands by the side of the road, reaching out with a shaking hand, hiding the other in his pocket to warm a little, while its turn comes.

He grabs the daffodils, and stretches out his arm, waiting for a passerby on this long road, to buy a bunch of daffodils.

Living in the village of Ras Elhisn, Firas climbs the mountains early in the morning, to search among the high rocks for the flowers.

Each daffodil he sells gives him a feeling of satisfaction and happiness, as he will be able to use this tight money to buy bread for his mother.

When I asked him about his wish, he said: “I hope that someday I buy myself flowers!”

These words ended our conversation, and I felt sad for a kid selling, with the daffodils, his innocent dreams that have been scattered throughout the years of war in Syria.

Firas is not alone, as the war forced many children to labor. They sell love, and buy the death that robs their childhood.

Translated by: Sura Alloush

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