Schools of Jarabulus Run out of Heating in Harsh Winter

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Residents complain of the lack of heating facilities in the schools of Jarablus- Photo by: Mahmoud Abu Al-Majd- Horrya Press©

Mahmoud Abu Al-Majd- Horrya Press:

Parents of the student in the city of Jarablus and its countryside, east of Aleppo, complain of the lack of support provided to the schools in terms of heating materials, as subsidies of fuel oil are not sufficient to run the heating system during the school day.

Ali Al-Hasan, a father of three students in the first, third, and sixth grades, told Horrya Press that his children go to their schools every morning to suffer from winter cold, as a result of the lack of fuel oil distributed into each class room during the school day, which is unacceptable, and will influence the students badly.

Al-Hasan stated that the city of Jarablus is colder than other areas, due to its proximity to Turkey, as well as its snow-capped mountains at this time of the year.

Muhammed Al-Ali, a school teacher in Jarablus, said that the fuel oil supplied to schools is not sufficient; as every class gets one liter of fuel on daily basis, which is enough for one hour of heating, while students remain in cold for the rest of the day.

Furthermore, Al-Ali added that some student skip school on the very cold days, in particular those in the first grades, as they cannot bear the severe weather.

For his part, Mr. Ramadan Mustafa, member of the educational office of Jarablus Local Council, stated that it is true that each class room gets only one liter of fuel, but this is going to change during the coming days, and adequate heating will be provided throughout the school day.

It is noteworthy that the number of students in the city of Jarablus and rural Jarablus, are more than 30000 students, due to forced displacements, imposed by Russia and Assad Regime from several areas of Syria.

* Translated by: Sura Alloush

Children returning to their homes after school- Photo by: Mahmoud Abu Al-Majd- Horrya Press©

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