The Story of Haj Ahmed, When Pains Compete with Each Other

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Waleed Abu Humam- Horrya Press

Seventy one years have left their traces on Abu Yusuf’s face, accompanied by a lot of pain that are too heavy to carry. Not only physical pain he has been living with, but also the distress and agony of the death of a loved person, have made the story of Abu Yusuf.

Abu Yusuf comes from the town of Latmin, north of Hama. His town experienced the oppression and fires of Assad Regime, because people joined the Syrian Revolution, and participated in liberation battles. Among the fighters was Yusuf, a young man who fought for dignity, but was not meant to witness the freedom he dreamt about. Yusuf died in a battle aimed at repelling the regime’s attacks on Balil village, leaving two children, the oldest of them is three years old.

His father Haj Ahmed, was too old to take care of the kids and their mother, not to mention diabetics and herniated disk he suffers from.

Conditions became harder after he forcibly moved to the city of Khan Shaykhun, to find himself obliged to pay a rent he does not have a penny of. Abu Yusuf got aids from some strangers, as well as from the only son he has after Yusuf died, and his other son, Muhammed, has been arrested, trying hard to meet the needs of the kids and wives of his sons, in the absence of other persons who might help.

His son, who lives far from his father, tries to offer the little he can, which is barely enough.

Abu Yusuf often sits in front of the house to watch the kids while playing, blaming life for leaving them without fathers, to live his distressful life.

* Translated by: Sura Alloush

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