Jordanian Authorities Continuo to Deny Al-Rukban Camp for Syrian Refugees of Water

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Displaced people resort to muddy wetlands formed by rainwater to meet their needs- social media

Horrya Press:

The Jordanian authorities continue to deny the Syrian refugees in Al-Rukban Camp of water on the Syrian-Jordanian border for four straight day.

According to local sources inside the camp, the Jordanian side cut the water line, which is the only source of drinking water for camp residents, between  Jordan and the camp, under the pretext of repairing the pipelines.

The sources added that the refugees in the camp resort to muddy wetlands formed from rainwater to meet their needs. This means a humanitarian disaster inside the camp, which has been already suffering from the lack of medicine and food, as well as the absence of the basic elements of life.

The Syrian Network for Human Rights has held the Jordanian Government responsible for the suffering of Al-Rukban resident, side by side with Assad Regime.

The network also accused Jordan and Assad Regime of pressuring the displaced people to return to regions under the control of Assad Forces, denying access of humanitarian aids to the camp, where “the lives of people  are at risk”, suggesting that “Jordan has involved in a war crime”.

Al-Rukban camp, on the Syrian-Jordanian border, has been besieged by Assad Forces since last October, as the entry of food and medical supplies has been denied, amid appeals of the camp administration to save more than 50 thousand people inside, suffering from poor situations and difficult humanitarian conditions.

* Translated by: Sura Alloush

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