Syria: Landmines Kill Five Children in Eastern Ghouta

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Areas Assad Forces have regained control of, suffer significantly from explosive remnants of war- An expressive image

Omran Al-Domani- Horrya Press:

Five children were killed and others injured duo to the explosion of a landmine left by Assad Forces in the village of Al-Jarba, Al-Marj Strip in Western Ghouta, in rural Damascus.

“The explosion took place this morning in the village of Al-Jarba in rural Damascus as a result of a landmine left by Assad Forces, and killed five children: Ghameer Hammoud, Huthayfah Hammoud, Khaled Hijazi, Duraid Hammoud, in addition to an anonymous child whose name is still unknown,” Ashraf Ahmed, one of Al-Marj Stripe activist displaced in North Syria, told Horrya Press.

Ahmed stated that the mine exploded while the seven children were playing in one of the farms in the village, killing three of them immediately. The rest were taken to the hospital, where two of the children died duo to their critical condition, while the other two kids are still in serious situation.

Pro-Assad pages claimed that the children were killed by an explosion of a mine left by terrorists. Mr. Ahmed denied that, confirming that the village has been under the control of Assad Forces since mid-2013 without fighting.

Earlier, in the town of Otaya in Al-Marj Strip, Eastern Ghouta, a civilian was killed and three others were injured by explosion of cluster bombs, as a result of a previous bombing by Assad Forces during the military campaign launched in early 2018.

The United Nations warned earlier that more than eight million Syrians are suffering from the risk of explosive remnants of war, amid Assad regime negligence of the areas he regained control over.

The areas controlled by Assad regime, and his supporting sectarian militias, like Eastern Ghouta, Daraa, and Northern rural Homs, suffer from a large spread of landmines and cluster bombs, as a result of shelling these areas by the Assad  forces in cold blood before taking control over them.

* Translated by: Sura Alloush

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