A long calm in Idlib and Russian expansion in return for Assad’s survival in power

فريق التحرير9 سبتمبر 2020آخر تحديث :

Yaser Muhammad – Horrya PRESS

The visit of the “high-level” Russian delegation to Damascus last Monday indicated the collapsing Syrian situation, the two parties agreed that the Russian control over the Syrian economy would expand , provided that Al – assad remain a longer period in power, and keep the field situation the same especially in Idlib and northern Syria, as the Russians confirmed that their agreements with Turkey will remain in place.
No change in Idlib’s situation.

In the details, the Russian Foreign Minister, Sergey Lavrov, confirmed that the situation in Idlib will not witness any change in the foreseeable future, and said in a press conference with the Foreign Minister of Assad regime, Walid al-Muallem, last Monday, after a meeting Bashar al-Assad: “Today we discussed in details , through long talks with Mr. Bashar Al-Assad, the situation on the ground. We concluded that there was a relative calm that prevailed in Syria, and we must work to consolidate this trend.

.Lavrov added that Idlib is one of the most important areas of cooperation between Russia and Turkey, and the most important thing in it is “to separate the moderate opposition from extremists and secure the M4 road.”
Regarding “Astana” agreements that led to the creation of de-escalation zones, including Idlib, Lavrov said: “with regard to the differences between the guarantors of Astana , it is impossible for the views of the various partners and countries to be completely identical , even in one country there are fundamental differences. But what unites Russia, Iran and Turkey is the unequivocal pursuit for preventing the Iraqi and the Libyan scenario.

Economy versus Bashar remaining in power

The economy was the top priority of the high-ranking Russian delegation, who was received by the head of the regime, Bashar al-Assad, Who emphasised his willing to grant Russia more power in the economic field.
Assad declared in his meeting withfollowing the meeting with Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov and Russian Deputy Prime Minister Yuri Borisov that he wanted to see the success of Russian investments in key sectors of the economy that were previously agreed upon .

Lavrov detailed the Russian project in Syria by saying our draft agreements with Syria include expanding cooperation in 40 new projects , rebuilding the infrastructure of energy sector. A work contract has been signed for a Russian company for exploration

nd extraction of oil and gas off the coast of Syria.
“The most important reason for the tragic situation in Syria is the devastating position of the United States of America, in addition to the Kurds’ unwillingness to communicate with Damascus and handing over the control of agricultural areas and

il fields to the legitimate government,” the Russian official said.
Russia is seeking to impose its control over the oil and gas fields in northeastern Syria, by theoretically returning them to “Al-assad regime and through concluding

greements with the separatist de facto authority in those areas.
On the other hand The Russian counterpart allowed the foreign minister of al-Assad, Walid al-Muallem, to pass messages stating that the head of the regime, Bashar al-Assad, will remain in power for a longer period , through a new election game

cheduled for next year.
While the Russian Foreign Minister said that the presidential elections are a “Syrian sovereign matter,” Walid al-Muallem said: “Presidential elections will take place in Syria and they will be free and fair , and regarding the residency requirement for those who want to run, this is up to the Supreme Elections Committee, and in principle everyone who meets the conditions for candidacy can run. ”

Stressing that “the current Syrian constitution drafted by al-Assad in 2012 ” is to be adopted pending the Syrians agreeing on a new constitution, Al-maullem Said in this regard the coming Syrian constitution will be the result of discussion of the Constitutional Committee , and any results that this committee reaches will be submitted to the popular referendum.” This means extending the work of the Constitutional Committee beyond the presidentioal elections which is scheduled for 2021, in order to pass a new presidential term for the head of the regime, This file Russia is keen to keep as a card in its negotiations on Syria with regional and international actors.”


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