Iranian candidate for the “parliament” of Assad … and “the people” abstain from voting

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Banners of “People’s Assembly” candidates at the streets of Damascus, AFP

Yaser Muhammad – Horrya PRESS

Pictures circulated on social media showed a woman running for the elections of the “People’s Assembly” of the Assad regime, which took place last Sunday, and witnessed a very low rate of participation , which was justified by the Minister of Justice of the Assad government by fear of the Corona virus.

In the details , the Iranian “Ruqayya Shibli Kermanshahi” submitted papers nominating her for the recent “People’s Assembly” elections for Damascus governorate , and the results show that she did not succeed, and was not mentioned among the new members of the council . In mrs. Ruqayya Shibli Kermanshahi candidacy a sign of the extent of Iranian penetration In Syria, and the file of naturalization of thousands of Iranians, Pakistanis and others who fight within the ranks of Iran’s sectarian militias in Syria .

Since 2017, several sources revealed that the Assad regime naturalized large numbers of members of the Iranian militias. According to media sources, “Bashar al-Assad” granted about a million identity cards to Iranians and members of the militias of ” AL Quds corps ” and their families, and “Hezbollah militia ” , Pakistani and Afghan mercenaries .

Al-Jazeera channel revealed in 2017 that Afghans fighting for the Iranian Revolutionary Guard had been promised that their families would obtain Iranian and Syrian citizenship, in case they were killed in the battle , The channel pointed to the efforts of “Hezbollah” to expand its military base in Syria, by recruiting Lebanese people to support Al- Assad regime and obtaining many advantages, including the settlement of their families in Damascus vicinity , many reports reveled of volume Iranian control of several neighborhoods and suburbs of Damascus .

In a related context, Following the end of the election play that the regime’s loyalists and opponents attacked, “Minister of Justice” in the Assad government came out to justify the low turn- out as the participation rate did not exceed 33% , a skeptical percentage and is likely to be much lower .

Hisham Al-Shaar said, in a statement to the media after the announcement of the results of the Supreme Judicial Committee for the elections, last Tuesday evening , that “the number of voters reached 6 million and 224 thousand and 687 people, out of 19 million Syrians are entitled to Entitled to participate in the elections , according to the records of the Ministry of Interior and Justice, which means that the participation rate reached about 33.17 percent attributing the modest participation rate to “people’s fear of infection with the Coronavirus” !.

The Minister of Justice of the regime pointed to other reasons that led to a decline in the percentage of people who participated in the electoral process, given that the Syrians outside the country are not entitled to vote because the People’s Assembly elections depend on the electoral districts for each governorate , but he did not mention the reasons for the presence of more than half of the country’s population in exile, nor did he mention the presence of more than 4 million Syrian citizens in areas outside the control of the regime who did not participate in the election play, and thus the 33% that he spoke about is impossible ..

Translated by: Rania Hajqasem

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