Brutal Shelling on Ma’aret Hurmah Targets Civilian Houses

فريق التحرير29 مايو 2019آخر تحديث :

Horrya Press:

Activists on the social networks circulated a video showing the shelling of the houses of civilians in the town of “Maara Hurmah” in the countryside Idlib.

Horrya Press correspondent reported that Assad forces targeted the villages with 42 war missiles and explosive barrels, and 21 landmines all at once, leaving one person dead, others wounded under the rubble, as well as massive destruction in the infrastructure. Civil defense teams rushed to the area to remove bodies from under the rubble, move the injured, and provide the necessary aid.

The bombardment completely and partially destroyed more than 100 houses, leaving massive damage to three mosques, a medical clinic, three schools, and half of the shops in the village.

Eyewitnesses told Horrya Press that there are no military headquarters in the village that Assad forces use as a justification for the bombardment, and that the shelling targeted only civilians, and their properties.


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