Turkish Border Guards Severely Beat Syrian Activist and Family

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فريق التحرير26 مايو 2019آخر تحديث : الأحد 26 مايو 2019 - 12:37 صباحًا

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Horrya Press:

The Turkish border guards beat the media activist “Mazen Al-Shami and his family, Friday at dawn, while trying to flee the bombardment in Idlib and seek asylum in Turkey.

Al-Shami appeared in a video where he said that he was beaten and tortured by Turkish soldiers for hours, after knowing that he is a journalist, and he blamed the Syrian Coalition for not looking after the affairs of media activists.

“yesterday, my children and I were severely beaten by Turkish soldiers from 2 am till 5 pm, and through all this time, they made my wife watch,’ he continued, explaining that the reason behind the torture is their attempt to get out of Idlib to Turkey.

Activists quoted  Al-Shami, telling the details of what happened, that his family which consists of 6 people, including “three activists from the same family.

Moreover, photos showed that Al-Shami and his family were beaten in the face, abdomen and back with heavy tools, in addition to disfiguring them by shaving their hear.

Activists reported that Al-Shami was tortured “with shovels, ladders, and beating our faces, backs and abdomens with their feet …  when going to the bathroom, I started to see blood … our heads were drowned in water for long periods, and they made us uproot thorns from the ground with our bare hands, with disfiguring hair shavings, in addition to other sanctions”. They also pointed that “we were 21 civilians, but only we were tortured, because they found out that we work in media through searching our phones.”

This incident generated angry reactions among Syrian activists and journalists, where they showed solidarity with Mazen Al-Shami, and many of them demanded the Turkish authorities to conduct an investigation about the incident.

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