Displaced from Hama and Idlib live under Shades of Trees

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IDPs from Idlib and Hama living under the shadows of olive trees in the northern countryside of Idlib – Photo by: Alaa Fatrawi– Horrya Press©

Alaa Fatrawi- Idlib- Horrya Press:

  The military campaign, conducted by Assad regime and supported by Russia, led to the displacement of thousands of civilians from the countryside of Hama and Idlib, most of them are near the Turkish border line, where the high temperatures increased the suffering of the displaced living under the olive trees.

  “Displaced families living under the shade of olive trees are in a tragic situation,” said Obeida Dandoush, safety and response officer in SRD Organization, to Horrya Press. “All of them need urgent medical attention, especially children whose bodies are exposed to hot sun”.

  “Children are threatened with leishmaniasis because of the spread of polluted water and harmful insects, as well as the lack of any safety features,” he added, pointing that they are working on providing all possible medical aid by mobile clinics visiting these random camps.

  “Dandoush” stressed that securing the required medicines, such as; Metronidazole, antipyretic, anti- leishmaniasis, and anti-fungal infections, is one of the most important needs of IDPs in the meantime, as well as securing shelter for these families by establishing temporary shelters to reduce their suffering.

  While Om Muhammad, displaced from the southern countryside of Idlib, told Horrya Press that during the past few days, temperature has increased, and has been of a great effect on children and resulted in several fainting condition among them, as well as wide spread of insects and unpleasant smells around the area. “I stay up all night watching my children and protecting them from harmful insects, snakes, and scorpions that spread widely in the area”, she added.

According to the documentation of the response coordinators in the north of Syria, the number of IDPs to date reached 258488 people approximately, 5148 families, located in 35 point in the countryside of Idlib. This number includes 5352 men, 480 women, 83171 male children and 84974 female children. While the statistics is still ongoing to document all those who fled the hell of daily bombardment on their areas by Assad and Russia air force

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