Arrests after Armed Attack on Military Security in Al-Rastan

فريق التحرير13 مارس 2019آخر تحديث :
A destroyed tank in front of the military security headquarter at the entrance to the eastern city, destroyed by the rebels in early 2012 – Lens: Ali Ezz Eldin – Horrya Press©

Ali Ezz Eldien- Horrya Press:

Assad regime released a number of civilians, on Tuesday, after a campaign of arrests carried out by its security service,s in the city of Al-Rastan in Northern Homs.

The Arrests were implemented against the backdrop of an armed attack fulfilled by unknown persons on the military security headquarter in the city.

A special source, asked not to be named, said to Horrya Press, that Assad forces began a campaign of arrests after the armed attack targeted the military security, and violent clashes, with light and medium weapons, lasted more than an hour and a half and, resulted in injuries among security members. Ambulances were also seen hurrying towards the military security headquarter, which is located in the Eastern entrance of the city.

The source added that Assad forces “released a number of civilians they arrested, and kept some of them; on charges of participating in the attack,” noting that the city “has witnessed heavy mobilization of the security forces, after the attack, in addition to the closure of Al-Rastan entrances, exits, and the main roads leading to Headquarters of military security “.

No one has claimed responsibility for the attack so far, while our source suggested that the attack implemented by unknown individuals is similar to the military operations the Popular Resistance in Daraa fulfills.

It is worth mentioning that Assad forces announced full control over Northern Homs Countryside in mid-May last year, after the last batch of people left the region to Idlib, under the agreement of displacement imposed by Russia.


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