Revolutionaries Reject Regime’s Allegations Concerning Poisonous Gas Attack in Aleppo

فريق التحرير25 نوفمبر 2018آخر تحديث :
A photo circulated on social media channels, that is claimed to be for a man who suffered from asphyxiation by chlorine gas in Aleppo

Aleppo- Horrya Press:

The leader of the “National Front of Liberation”, Captain Abdulsalam Abdilrazzq, rejected Assad’s Regime’s allegations against the revolutionaries’ factions, as the regime accused them of attacking Aleppo with poisonous gases.

Abdulrazzaq told Horrya press: “this accusation is false, as everyone knows that we do not possess any chemical weapons, nor equipped-laboratories to manufacture them, nor the means to use them! If any asphyxia incidents have occurred, the only reason behind them is surely the attacks launched by Al-Assad’s militia’s attacks”.

The Captain clarified that “The freed areas lie in the west of Aleppo, which means that the civilian inhabitants of Aleppo will get affected by Al-Assad’s militias’ use of poisonous gases, how then the case would look like if they directly shelled those areas?” pointing out that “The Regime has tried to spread lies through its media, and the Russian media, and one of these lies is the revolutionaries possession of poisonous gases.”

Abdulrazzaq added, “Shelling of the freed areas did not stop since days, this resulted in what we are witnessing today, Jarjanarz’s massacre. Add to that, before few hours, the northern and eastern parts of Aleppo were heavily shelled, meanwhile, the Regime was spreading the rumors on asphyxia causalities in Aleppo.”

In addition, Al-Assad’s Regime’s media channels published photos that are claimed to be for asphyxia causalities in Al-Razi’s hospital, saying that they were attacked with missiles loaded with chlorine targeted Al-Khaldeyye and Jam’eyyet Al-Zahraa neighborhoods, and Al-Neil Street in Aleppo.

On its behalf, Sana News Agency that is affiliated with Al-Assad’s Regime claimed that 28 civilians have been asphyxiated due to an attack with missiles loaded with poisonous gazes on Al-Neil Street, and Al-Khaldeyye neighborhood.

* Translate by: Huda Bilal


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