Deaths and Injuries due to Rocket Attacks on Different Areas in Idlib

فريق التحرير7 أبريل 2019آخر تحديث :
Civil Defense team helping the wounded in Saraqib- Photo by Alaa Fatrawi- Horrya Press@

Horrya Press – Idlib

 Assad forces launched today morning another artillery and rocket shelling on the villages and towns of the southern countryside side of Idlib, what resulted in civilian causalities.

 According to the correspondent of Horrya Press in Idlib, Assad forces have targeted the city of “Saraqib” south of Idlib with rockets loaded with cluster bombs, which caused the death of 4 people, in addition to the injury of others.

In the same context, Assad forces have also targeted the city of “Al-Nayrab” using cluster bombs, causing the death of two people including a child, and the injury of 10 others.

Moreover, a young man passed away in the village of “Khwein”, south of Idlib, due to the artillery shelling carried out by Assad forces stationed near the area.

 Besides, our correspondent added that similar shelling was launched by the forces stationed at “Abu Al-Duhur” airport; targeted the city of “Maarrat Al-Nu’man, and left several civilian casualties, while the civil defense team worked to provide them with medical services.

 On the other side, the opposition fractions announced that they targeted Assad forces stationed in the city of “Masyaf”, west of Hama, in response to the bombing implemented by the regime that has affected most of the countryside of Idlib, causing several deaths and injuries among Assad forces.

It is worth mentioning, that the areas targeted by Assad forces are located in the “demilitarized zone” that Russia and Turkey agreed upon, last September, but Assad forces and their ally Russia did not comply with the agreement, and the shelling during the last two months resulted in the deaths and injuries of hundreds of civilians, as well as the destruction of dozens of service facilities.

Translated by Wajd Abdulrahman


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