Deaths and Injuries in Idlib due to Shelling by Assad Forces

فريق التحرير26 مارس 2019آخر تحديث :
A civilian lost his life due to shelling by Assad Forces on Khan Shaykhun- Syrian Civil Defense

Idlib – Horryah Press

 A civilian was killed and others have been wounded, on Sunday, in a bombardment carried out by Assad forces, targeted several areas south of Idlib.

 According to the correspondent of ,Horrya Press; Assad forces located in Qabbariya camp in the north of Hama, have targeted the city of “Khan Shaykhun” with missiles, what caused the death of a civilian called “Ahmad Ta’an”, and injured others

 Furthermore, Assad forces alsotargeted both towns of “Bidama” and “Tahta”; using missiles and artillery, however there was no news of any injuries among civilians.

 On the other hand, a child named “Ahmad Hussein Al-Ass’ad”, lost his life due to clashes lasted for hours between fighters of ISIS and Hayat Tahrir Al-Sham in city of Binnish, the north of Idlib.

 It is worth mentioning, that since the beginning of 2019, the governorate of Idlib and some other villages in Hama have been targeted by Assad forces, what resulted in the death of hundreds of civilians, according to the team of “Civil Defense”, as well as the displacement of a great number of people.

 It is noteworthy, that Turkey has reached an agreement with Russia, last September, stipulates that a demilitarized zone shall be established between the areas controlled by the Opposition Fractions and the areas controlled by Assad Regime in Idlib, where the heavy weapons shall be withdrawn from the agreed area.

Translated by: Wajd Abdulrahman


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