Documenting the Martyrdom of 193747 Syrians at Least Since March 2011

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 شهداء سوريا منذ آذار مارس 2011 انجليزي copy - حرية برس Horrya press
Documenting the Martyrdom of 193747 Syrians at Least Since March 2011

Horrya Press:

The documentation team at the Syrian Revolutionary Gathering, said that they have documented the martyrdom of at least 193747 Syrians, since the beginning of the Syrian Revolution in March 2011 till March 2019.

Among the documented martyrs there were 14,892 civilians, 24,845 children, 17,464 women and 10,822 martyrs under torture.

The statistics include only martyrs who are documented by name.

According to the Gathering, Assad regime killed at least 163423 Syria since March 2011, while the Russian forces of aggression came in terms of cause of death, followed by ISIS.

Here are the martyrs broken down by perpetrators.

Assad Regime: 163423 martyrs

Russian forces of aggression: 8944 martyrs

ISIS: 7298 martyrs

Unknown actors: 5553 martyrs

International Coalition Forces: 3594 martyrs

Kurdish militias: 1351 martyrs

Opposition fractions: 762 martyrs

The Turkish Army: 576 martyrs

Hayat Tahrir Al-Sham: 279 martyrs

The Iraqi Army: 103 martyrs

explosion of ammunition: 56 martyrs

Unorganized Gunmen: 26 martyrs

Lebanese Army: 21 martyrs

Jordanian Army: 12 martyrs

Army of Israeli Occupation: 3 martyrs

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