Tens of thousands of civilians displaced due to Assad Hostilities in Idlib

فريق التحرير17 مارس 2019آخر تحديث :
A car on the international motorway near the town of Maarrat Al-Nu’man carrying the belongings of a displaced family from Khan Shaykhun towards the north – Photo by Alaa Fatrawi – Horrya Press©

Horrya Press:

ِAccording to the “Syrian Response Coordinators”, the number of people displaced from the “demilitarized zone” and other areas has so far reached 17,467 families, or 110,393 people, amid continued displacement movement from areas targeted by Assad regime and Russiaو on a regular basis.

The coordinators said in a statement, on Saturday, that the military hostilities committed by Assad regime, with the support of the guarantor states, Russia and Iran, continue since early February, in the north-west of Syria, in general, and the “demilitarized zone” in particular.

The statement also pointed out that the number of areas, targeted by Assad forces during the period between the 8th and 15th of March, and documented by the “Response Coordinators”, reached more than 89 points, distributed as follows: “Idlib Governorate 39 points, Hama governorate 34 Points, and Aleppo governorate 16 points.

On the other hand, the “Coordinators” affirmed that the Russian warplanes, together with Assad air force, targeted more than 14 sites in Idlib, six of them were targeted directly by the Russians.

According to the coordinators’ statement, the number of civilian casualties since the beginning of Assad  military campaign on the region, documented until March 15th, reached more than 150 civilians, including 53 children, distributed to the three governorates as follows: “Idlib province 130, Hama province 18, and Aleppo province two.”

Moreover, the “Syrian response coordinators” condemned all military hostilities fulfilled by Assad regime and its allies from the Guarantor States of Russia and Iran, in order to destabilize the “de-escalation zone”, and denounced all forms of terrorist escalation by Russia, to revoke Idlib agreement.

In the same context, the statement stressed that the repeated use of military force by Assad forces and Russia, highlights the lack of seriousness of those parties to abide by Idlib agreement, through the displacement of tens of thousands of children, women, and elderly from their areas that are being targeted.

The Coordinators, on their part, demanded the International Community and international organizations to assume their full responsibilities towards civilians in the north-western regions of Syria, calling on all humanitarian organizations and bodies to exert more efforts to achieve stability in the escalation areas, and respond to displaced civilians.


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