Demonstrations in Al-Hol Camp in Syria due to Bad Living Conditions

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Al-Hol Camp in Al-Hasakah Eastern countryside- archive

Al-Hasakah- Horrya Press:

Angry demonstration took place in Al-Hol Refugee Camp in Al-Hasakah, yesterday, in protest against the lack of services and poor health care in the camp, which resulted in the deaths of children due to the cold during the last period.

According to local sources, residents of the camp, which is controlled by “QSD” militia, are suffering from dire humanitarian conditions, in addition to severe cold, as well as lack of basic supplies and tents.

The sources also stated that the demonstrations came after the camp administration disregarded the demands of displaced people to provide the necessities of life, especially with an influx of more people fleeing areas controlled by ISIS in Deir Ez-Zor.

Moreover, displaced people in Al-Hol Camp are subjected to harsh practices by the camp administration, and the camp is occasionally broken in by Kurdish militia patrols to carry out raids and arrests.

Euphrates Post network reported that the six-month-old baby “Ouf Mikhlif Al-Awwad” died yesterday, in Al-Hol Camp from cold and lack of medical and health care.

Furthermore, the World Health Organization reported that at least 29 children and newborns, passed away in Al-Hol Camp from cold, over the past eight weeks.

The organization said in a statement that “Some 23,000 people have arrived at the camp, during that period, what has greatly increased its population”, appealing to all parties to allow unimpeded access to humanitarian aids to save thousands of lives.

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