Civilian Causalities in Collapse of Apartment Building in Aleppo

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A residential building collapsed in Salaheddine District in Aleppo- Social Media

Aleppo- Horrya Press:

A number of civilians have been killed and injured, after a residential building collapsed Saturday, over the heads of its residents, in Salaheddine District in central Aleppo.

According to local sources, a four-storey building collapsed in the area near “Rama Center”, killing seven people and wounding others.

The sources also reported that the civil defense teams are still searching for survivors under the ruins, noting that the building was cracked as a result of the earlier shelling by Assad forces, after the rebels controlled the area, adding that parts of the first floor of the building have recently collapsed.

This is not the first time a residential building in Aleppo collapses. Earlier this month, a four-story building collapsed in Al-Saliheen Neighborhood, where five people of one family passed away, and many were injured.

In addition, several buildings in the neighborhoods of Sukkari, Al-Fardos, Karm Al-Jabal, and other eastern neighborhoods have also collapsed over the past year, as they have been under continuous aerial bombardment and rocket shelling by Assad forces, while controlled by the Free Army factions between 2012 and 2016.

ِAnd during the past years, Assad regime has allowed residents to return to these areas, though they are not fit to live and might fall any moment.

Last Year, for example, a building collapsed near Anis Public Park, and the residents were forced to remove the rubble and pull the stranded people, after the regime failed to provide assistance.

It is noteworthy that Assad forces and loyal militias, have taken control in late 2016 over 13 neighborhoods in the northern strip of Eastern Aleppo, after fierce battles with the Free Army ended with displacing people into the countryside of the governorate.

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