Woman Burns Herself in Al-Rukban Camp due to lack of her Children Food

فريق التحرير13 يناير 2019آخر تحديث :
Al-Rukban Camp on the syrian-Jordanian border- Archive

Horrya Press:

Local media sources reported, Saturday, that a woman burned herself in Al-Rukban camp, on the Syrian-Jordanian border, due to the lack of food for her little children.

According to Euphrates Post, a network reports the news of eastern Syria, Mrs. Sundus Fathullah, 28 years, burned herself inside her tent, as she could not feed her children for three days.

The network mentioned that the woman was transferred to Jordan for treatment, as she and her and her infant are in critical conditions.

Moreover, Assad Forces has been blockading Al-Rukban camp, on the Syrian-Jordanian border, since last October, preventing the entry of food and medical supplies, amid pleas from the camp administration to save more than 50,000 people suffering from poor conditions and difficult humanitarian situations.

Besides, in a statement issued last Thursday, representatives of the camp residents declared their total rejection of any negotiations leading to the deportation of the residents, to the areas under the control of Assad regime, what puts them at risk of arrest or death”.

The statement called for evacuating residents of the camp towards the liberated areas in northern Syria, stressing that they did not authorize anyone to negotiate on behalf of the residents and determine their destiny.

In the same context, Assad forces along with Russia, are putting pressure on thousands of civilians in the camp, to accept the settlement and return to their areas under the control of Assad regime, through denying access to humanitarian and food aids.


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