Snow and Torrents Surround Syrian Refugee Camps in Lebanon

فريق التحرير11 يناير 2019آخر تحديث : منذ سنتين
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The snow covers Arsal Camps for Syrian refugees in Lebanon- current image

Arsal- Horrya Press:

   Syrian refugee camps in the Lebanese region of Arsal are facing a blizzard, increasing the suffering of refugees living in tents and tin and plastic houses, what prompted activists to launch distress calls through social networks.

    According to the official Lebanese National Information Agency, roads were closed in some areas, and people were trapped inside the camps of Arsal, Dahr Al-Baydar and others. Besides, emergency services pushed bulldozers in an attempt to open the roads in mountainous areas, but efforts were stymied by snowfall.

    Activist Mohammed Al-Abdullah, broadcasted a videotape through face book, showing the heavy snow over the camp tents. He also published pictures of a tent that had been burned as the residents burned rags to warm themselves.

   Moreover,  a blizzard hit Lebanon and areas in the eastern Mediterranean basin last week, to cut off roads and land transportation in a number of Lebanese areas, and increase the suffering of tens of thousands of Syrian refugees, who are housed in temporary shelters and camps.

    On the other hand, the National News Agency reported, on Monday, that the flooding of the Great River led to floods that swept through three Syrian refugee camps in the town of Semmaqiyeh, in the Akkar plain.

    The refugees appealed to UNHCR and all concerned organizations to intervene urgently and provide assistance, especially accommodation, in the light of bad weather conditions, according to the agency.

Translated by Sura Alloush

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