Syrian Woman Begs for Bread due to Disability

فريق التحرير7 يناير 2019آخر تحديث :
Ali’s mother and her children- photo by: Haneen Al-Sayyed- Horrya Press©

Haneen Al-Sayyed- Hprrya Press:

I hate Bashar Al-Assad and I hate my father that much”, said Ali, an eight year-old-boy, staring at the eyes of his mother, thinking that this would ease the pain the war left on her face. He did not realize that his words were enough to make her cry like a volcano, and hugs him strongly, as she was the only one left for her children.

In 2014, together with her children, the mother fled the village of Jubbayn in Hama northern countryside, to Idlib southern countryside, due to the Regime intense campaigns. They departed carrying few things and much poverty, to face their miserable life.

In that morning, Ali’s mother did not know that her search for food would be so expensive, when Assad helicopters dropped four explosive barrels on the camp where she stayed, to go back to her children with a little bread and food distributed there, but she is no longer on her feet, she has lost one of her limbs, while others have lost their lives.

The world did not fail that woman alone when it kept its mouth shut, her husband failed her too, when he went away with another wife, leaving behind his nine children hungry. And to complete the bloody picture that Assad Regime has drawn for this woman, she lost her seven siblings, together with her father, to become alone with no support.

Ali’s mother resorted to begging around mosques every Friday. That was not a choice; but her love for her children was the bond.

Translated by Sura Alloush


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