Haneen, a Child Died of Illness, Shocked by her Brother’s Arrest

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Waleed abu Humam- Horrya Press

In the early days of the Syrian Revolution, the rapid changes  seemed like a miracle for people in Syria, as they had never imagined a day where they can cry the name of the tyrant in the streets demanding him to step down, without fear.

The city of Hama, which experienced the crimes of Assad once upon a time, was still under the eyes of the regime, lest its people start moving.

For the youth in Hama, thinking of participation in this movement would mean a suicide. However, though Assad forces put checkpoints everywhere, this did not stop young people from joining the revolutionaries, risking themselves and their families.

One morning, a group of shabiha militia working for Assad Regime, broke into the house of a civilian family, terrorizing everyone and pointing their guns at their heads, threatening them with death.

Shabiha began beating the family members, screaming in their faces and breaking everything in front of them. They wanted to arrest Amer who participated in the demonstrations. They grabbed his hair, dragged him along the floor, and brutally beat him up. Finally, they took him out, leaving the family unable to take action.

This brutality took place in front of the four-year-old Haneen, who has not lived enough to bear losing her brother so cruelly. What she have seen gave her diabetes, and led to the start of her suffering.

Months later, Amer still cannot be found, and Haneen’s condition is worsening, especially that people are no more able to walk around the city easily, due to security barriers Assad Forces stationed, and their repeated crimes against civilians. The most difficult, however, was Haneen’s access to insulin.

This child began to wither in front of her powerless parents, who were forced to move and settle in the city of Homs, facing difficulties in finding a house and securing food in order to keep this girl healthy. But events got worse quickly and death took a lot of lives every day!

Due to the bad conditions and Assad crimes, Haneen family fled with thousands of Syrian refugees to Lebanon, and found themselves in a camp living on the UN aids, where charitable health centers provided diabetic medication for their kids. Three years later, the aids stopped, and the parents were unable to buy the medicine.

In the absence of treatment, death began hovering around Haneen, but her family were trying their best to save her.

As a result of their extreme poverty, the family had to push their little child, who knows life through death and displacement, into the streets , to beg for money, seeking amid hatred and disgust a little of humanity to secure the price of medicine.

Haneen was unable to resist her illness. She fainted often, her health deteriorated, until death finally won.

Haneen closed her eyes for the last time, while her parents were asking her for forgiveness, as the world gave up on Syrians, leaving them to death under the oppression of Assad and displacement.

Translated by: Sura Alloush

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