Ignored Towns in Edlib Ask Humanitarian Organizations for Relief

فريق التحرير14 ديسمبر 2018آخر تحديث : منذ سنتين
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The fleeing families from Mount Al-Hass and the countryside of Sinjar live, as a result of the military campaign launched by Assad Forces on the region, in poor conditions in random camps- Photo by: Alaa Eddin Fatrawi- Horrya Press©

Aisha Sabri- Horrya Press:

Councils of the region located in the west countryside of Abu Al-Duhur, and the east countryside of Saraqib, east of Idlib, sent out a distress call, in a statement issued Wednesday evening, to humanitarian organizations and relief agencies; asking them to enter this area duo to the total negligence and omission they suffer from.

 Horrya Press obtained a copy of the statement which acknowledged that the villages of Abu Al-Duhur and the town of Saraqib suffer from “total negligence”, especially in health and education.

According to Hasan Al-Khlaif, head of the local council in Abu Al-Duhur, that “the distress call was sent out by the local councils of Tell Touqan, Ras A-Ayn, Tel Sultan, Ballisa, Al-Shuha, Al- Dhabiyah, Al-Muntazah, Tawil Elsheikh,  Islameen, Maharem, Resafa, and Abul Khos, to all humanitarian organizations, inviting them to work in the west countryside of Abu Al-Duhur, and the east countryside of Saraqib. The call has been sent out because these areas are neglected, and lack the minimum limits of living facilities of health, education, or service-related institutions operating in this region”.

” The population of this area is estimated at 53000 people, except for the approximately 17000 displaced people, after they fled the northern and eastern areas of Hama and Abu Al-Duhur and its villages,” added Al-Khlaif.

The head of the local council also emphasized that “these areas are safe now, duo to the Turkish observation post in the town of Tell Touqan that provided a safe environment for people who want to return, and the work of humanitarian organizations. The areas are trouble-free as well, but people of the region are in dire need of help, especially those displaced from the east of Hejaz railway and the area of Abu Al-Duhur.

Regarding transit traffic at Abu Al-Duhur crossing point, which connects the areas controlled by Free Army fractions and the areas controlled by Assad Forces, Al-Khlaif said that “the crossing point has been closed for ten days, specifically since 2nd of the current month, without a valid reason, except that it was provided by the Turkish-Russian agreement to open the Crossing point for a week a month.

It is worth mentioning that Assad forces, supported by Iranian militias, in addition to air cover provided by Russian aircraft, controlled dozens of villages and towns in what was known as the Battle of East the Railway. The battle led to the displacement of thousands of civilians to different areas in Idlib and Aleppo, while a large part of the population preferred to stay in the villages which remained away from the fighting, and are in a fairly stable situation.

* Translated by: Sura Alloush

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