The National army in Syria Explains the Objectives of the Battle of East Euphrates

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Training camps of the Free Syrian Army in the areas of Operation Euphrates Shield in the military academy of Al-Hamza Contingent east of Aleppo- Photo by: Hasan Al-Asmar- Horrya Press

Hasan Al-Asmar – Aleppo – Horrya Press:

The fighters of the Syrian Free army are getting ready to to participate in the upcoming military operation against the militia of the Syrian Democratic Forces “QSD”, in Eastern Euphrates Region, in the coming days.

Major Yusuf Al-Hammoud, and spokesman for the Free Army, stated to Horrya Press about preparations for the battle: “Preparations began with the transition of the national army to a military organized position, in addition to a joint-situation room supervised by chiefs of staff. Besides, all the combatants were subjected to training courses aimed at raising the army personnel’s combat experience and physical rehabilitation, not to mention ending the corrupt groups which do not fight under the banner of the National Army, but Contribute to the demolition of unified action”.

“The battle targets to end the presence of terrorist organizations in the east of the Euphrates, where the fight will start from the regions of Manbij, Tel Abyad, and Ras Al-Ayn, targeting more than 150 points of cities and towns controlled by Kurdish militias,” added Al-Hammoud, noting that ” the attack will be launched on more than one side.

According to Al-Hammoud, there is direct coordination between the Turkish Army and the forces of the National Army, “as the battle has been studied and evaluated, with the appropriate plans developed to achieve victory”.

The Free Army spokesman also acknowledged that “Kurdish militias, in cooperation with Assad Regime, have recently attempted to infiltrate Some of the positions of the Free Army in the area, but they failed and suffered heavy casualties. Later, they targeted the security of the area through the bombings that took place Wednesday in Azaz, Al-Rai, and Al-Bab in rural Al-Bab”.

Moreover, Turkey has announced a new military operation against Kurdish militias in eastern Euphrates within a matter of days days. For his part, President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, said during a press conference yesterday that ” “We expressed that we will launch an operation east of the Euphrates within a matter of days to save it from a separatist terrorist organization”.

Earlier this day, the Turkish army sent military reinforcements toward the border areas with Syria, in preparation for the military campaign, according to Anadolu Agency.

On Wednesday evening, Turkish media published a video showing the Turkish army sending Commando Units to several positions along the border, in addition to military vehicles, distributed in the provinces of Kilis and Hatay, as well as surrounding areas, east of the Euphrates, within Turkish borders.

* Translated by: Sura Alloush

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