Syria..The Turkish Army Sends Reinforcements towards Its Borders on the Opposite Side of Lattakia

in return for Reinforcements Sent by Assad Regime of the "4th Armored Division"

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Fighters of the Free Syrian Army, north of Lattakia Governorate- Horrya Press – archive

Lattakia- Special for Horrya Press:

Assad forces brought new military reinforcements to the fronts north of Lattakia Governorate, at a time when the Free Army factions strengthened their positions on these fronts in anticipation of any emergency.

The new reinforcements come from the 4th Armored Division run by Maher Al-Assad, which mostly stationed in Kinsabba town and Mount Nabi Yunus in Kurdish Mountains in northern Lattakia countryside, according to military sources in the Free Army.

On the Other hand, Horrya Press spotted the arrival of a large military convoy of the Turkish army to the town of Yayladağı, next to Turkmen Mountain on Saturday afternoon. The convoy which headed to the Syrian-Turkish border, includes more than 30 armored vehicles and personnel carriers.

Regarding the developments, Hasan Abu Ahmed, a leader in the First Division in the Coastal Region, said that Free Army factions, in turn, reinforced their positions in rural Lattakia in anticipation of any development; especially after Assad Regime has violated the truce several times on the coast fronts and the fronts of rural Hama during the last month as well.

The leader also asserted that the Free Army Brigades are working on a daily basis to monitor the movements of Assad Forces, in addition to their full operational readiness to repel any attempt of theirs to advance on the coastal fronts.

Moreover, Abu Ahmed stressed that the Free Army Fractions will not delay its response to any breach of the demilitarized zone agreement by Assad forces. He also added that monitoring battalions are continuously observing the military developments along the front, without forgetting the work of the engineering teams to fortify the front lines; So that we will be able to repel any infiltration attempt by Assad Forces.

The coastal fronts witnessed a military escalation during the last month by the opposition brigades when they launched two attacks on Assad Forces positions in Kabani Center in Kurdish Mountains. At that time, the operations room, “Incite the Believers”,  reported that the military operations came in response to the violations continuously committed by Assad forces by shelling the villages of rural Idlib with rockets and artillery.

* Translated by: Sura Alloush

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