Syrian Infant Dead by Bad medical Conditions and Obstruction of Jordanian Authorities in Rukban Camp

فريق التحرير7 ديسمبر 2018آخر تحديث :
Al-Rukban Camp on the Syrian-Jordanian border- Current Image

Syrian-Jordanian border- Horrya Press:

A four-month old Syrian infant died Thursday duo to deterioration of her health and lack of medical care at Rukban Camp on the Syrian-Jordanian border, in conjunction with Jordan’s refusal to allow her to receive treatment in hospitals.

Local sources told Horrya Press that “the infant girl, Khadiji Al-Mutalq, died yesterday morning in Al-Rukban Camp duo to  drought and lack of medical care. She suffered also from seizures and acute diarrhea, as the camp has no specialist doctor or hospital, and the medical staff of the camp is no more than a group of nurses and volunteers. Furthermore, the UNICEF medical point refused to accept the infant, and the Jordanian Government did not permit her to enter the Jordanian Territory for treatment.

“The medical point justified her refusal to receive the infant, saying that she needs a full month -treatment, so cannot be accepted there, and must be transferred to a specialized hospital. On the other hand, the Jordanian authorities permit patients to enter their territory in specific cases only,” added the source.

The source stated that “the infant was born within the Jordanian territories four months ago, and despite her catastrophic health, the authorities refused her stay to receive treatment, and she was transferred with the mother to Al-Rukban Camp.”

Four-Month-old Khadiji Al-Mutalq died Thursday duo to catastrophic health condition and lack of medical care in Al-Rukban Camp on the Syrian-Jordanian border- Social Media

In response, the Syrian journalist Omar Al-Bunya condemned the Jordanian Authorities and the staff of UNICEF Medical Point for ignoring the infant’s condition, and refusing to help treat her. He told Hurrya Press that ” the infant was born in Jordan four months ago, but was not placed in the incubator long enough, then she was sent back to the camp together with her mother”.

” UNICEF and the Jordanian authorities were aware of the critical health condition of the infant girl, but still did not help her to receive treatment, what led to her death Thursday morning,” added Al-Bunya.

He stated as well that ” the humanitarian duty of UNICEF and the Jordanian authorities obliges them not to send the mother and her infant back to the camp because of the critical health condition that started to deteriorate. ” In his speech to Hurrya Press, Al-Bunya also stressed that “Children are the first victims of the humanitarian and living condition in Al-Rukban Camp in the Syrian-Jordanian border. “

It is worth mentioning that Assad Forces together with the Iranian Militias impose a severe siege on Al-Rukban Camp; preventing the delivery of food and medical supplies to people who live in hard humanitarian conditions, led to the deaths of many of them, mostly children, amid pleas from the camp administration to deliver aid.

At least 24 people have died in the last few months due to the lack of medical and health care in the camp, and the closure of the Jordanian border before the critical medical cases. Al-Rukban Camp includes about 70000 civilians, mostly women and children, living in extremely tragic conditions, especially as winter approaches.



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