Syria.. Thousands Displaced duo to Assad’s Shelling “Demilitarized” Zone in Idlib

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Side of the destruction in the town of Jarjnaz, south of Idlib, duo to the bombing by Assad Forces- Photo by: Alaa Fetrawi- Hurrya Press

Alaa Fetrawi- Idlib- Hurrya Press:

The escalation of Assad’s Regime in the areas of southern Idlib led to the displacement of thousands of residents from the towns of Al-Tah and Jarjnaz, after the heavy artillery and rocket shelling of the area, which resulted in dozens of civilian casualties.

“The original population of Jarjnaz reaches 23000 population, in addition to another 8000 displaced from Eastern Ghouta, Homs, and Sinjar, where the total number is about 31000 population,” Hussein al-Dghaim, head of the local council of Jajnaz, told Hurrya Press.

“After the violent bombing carried out by Assad forces on the town by its militias stationed in the villages of Abu Dali, Ajar, and Abu Omar, the town witnessed a large displacement movement estimated at 95% of the total population; where people left out fast duo to the intensity of the bombing. They could hardly take their belongings and needs,” he added.

Moreover, he stated that “people headed to the city of Maarrat Al-Nu’man and the surrounding villages, as well as the border areas such as Atme. These areas are considered almost safe as they are located near the Turkish border.” Hussein al-Dghaim appealed to “humanitarian organizations to help them, especially as temperatures drop dramatically as winter approaches.”

The head of the local council said that “the number of people who died a result of the bombing of Jarjnaz reaches by Assad Forces 18 people, including students of Al-Khansa Primary School, that has been targeted by the regime’s militias with high-explosive rockets, not to mention the considerable material damage to the buildings and vital facilities”.

Musa Al-Sultan, head of the local council in Al-Tah town, said: “the bombing launched a month ago by Assad Forces caused the death of one person, and the injury of a large number of wounded, including children, in addition to the destruction of large civilian property and public utilities. Furthermore. It resulted in extensive destruction of civilian property and public facilities, as well as the displacement of about 80% of the population of 26000 people.”

“Most of the displaced people ended up in squatter camps near the Turkish border, where the camps are suffering from deteriorating humanitarian conditions duo to the lack of the humanitarian organizations help, which are rarely launching humanitarian projects because of the interrupted support,” he added.

During the past few days, Assad Forces and Militias launched fierce bombardment against villages of Jarjnaz, Al-Tah, Al-Tamanah, and the surrounding villages in Southern Idlib. During the bombardment, high-explosive missiles Have been used, leaving dozens of civilian casualties, despite the fact that these areas are part of Sochi Agreement between Turkey and Russia.

* Translated by: Sura Alloush

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