Syria: “SDF” Militia Evicts the Inhabitants of the Arab Villages East of the Euphrates

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The area witnessed many movements of Kurdish Militia Units- Photo by: Mahmoud Abu Al-Majd, Hurrya Press©

Mahmoud Abu Al-Majd- Hurrya Press

The militia of “Syrian Democratic Forces” began to evict Arab citizens from their homes in towns and villages on the Syrian-Turkish border, east of the Euphrates River, as part of their policy of displacing civilians and harassing them within their areas of control.

(YPG) militias- one of the most important elements of (SDF)- forcibly evicted us from our homes, duo to no reasons,” said Musa Abu Samer, one of the displaced of Shuyukh town, East of the Euphrates River, opposite to the city of Jarabulus, to Hurrya Press.

“The Militias argued that they need to establish check points for the US Forces,” Added bu Samer. “It is a feeble argument, as only Arabs are expelled from the border villages, while villages with a Kurdish majority did not witness any displacements of civilians in Al-Ziyarah, Al-Bayyadiyah, Ashma, Gran, and Nur Ali.”

According to Muhammed, a displaced from Tell Abyad, the region has witnessed many movements of Kurdish Militia Units. There came the relocations of Arab residents after the recent statements by the Turkish side, which began to prepare both his and the Free Syrian Army’s Forces to launch a military operation and liberate the areas of Eastern Euphrates from these militias.

” The Kurdish militias have dug a tunnel between Tell Abyad and the Village of Ain Al-Arous, in anticipation of any attack by Turkey and the Free Army. The reason for the militia’s displacement of the Arab population from their homes in the villages and towns adjacent to the Turkish border is to strengthen the defensive points of the militias in those areas, in addition to their fear of the people of those areas to revolt against them, duo to the practices and violations committed by the militias, since they took control of the region. The displacement of Arab villages is not limited to the areas of Shuyukh and Tell Abyad; the civilians are removed from their homes in Ras Al-Ayn as well,” Muhammed added.

The liberated cities and towns in North of Syria have also witnessed dozens of demonstrations and protests organized by people displaced from villages and towns of Eastern Euphrates. People called on the Free Syrian Army and the Turkish forces to liberate their areas from the militias of Kurdish -led Syrian Democratic Forces, So that they can return to their homes.

* Translated by: Sura Alloush

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