Russian Escalation in the north of Syria Jeopardizes Sochi Agreement

فريق التحرير25 نوفمبر 2018آخر تحديث :
Bombing targeting areas in the western countryside of Aleppo – Archive

Horrya Press

On Sunday, the Russian air forces waged fierce air raids on the “unarmed” area in Aleppo’s countryside in the vicinity of the Turkish checkpoint, and these attacks are considered the first since signing Sochi agreement.

The correspondent of Horrya press in the countryside of Aleppo stated that the Russian air forces targeted Al-Rashedin area to the west of Aleppo with air raids, and targeted the town of “Khan Touman” to the south of Aleppo with similar raids, without recording any causality among civilians.

Our corresponded added that the targeted area that lies to the west of Aleppo, is only one kilometer away from the Turkish checkpoint, pointing out that this bombing campaign is a clear breach of the Turkish- Russian agreement on the area.

Meanwhile, the town of Jerjenaz to the south of Idlib was subjected to artillery and missile fire at dawn today, which resulted in the death of two children, and left many of injured behind. The mentioned attack took place hours after of a massacre that happened in the same town, by which the lives of 8 civilians were claimed, most of them are children and women of Al-Khansaa’ school’s students.

Moving to the northern countryside of Hama, our correspondent there stated that Assad’s forces that are stationed near the city of Souran attacked the areas of Kafr Zita, Latamneh, KafrNbouda, and Mourek, which resulted in two causalities among civilians in Kafr Zita, and wounded a woman in KafrNbouda.

This Russian escalation is considered a clear sign of its lack of seriousness in continuing in the Sochi agreement, as Assad’s forces have attacked the unarmed areas in a daily manner from the outset of the agreement, which caused the death of many victims among civilians.

The Russian Ministry of Defence has claimed today that its aircraft have bombed the positions of the militia, which attacked Aleppo with chemicals on Saturday, and also claimed that the Russian air strikes have destroyed all targets in the area, making it clear that Russia has told Turkey about these strikes in advance through the hotline.

On its behalf, the National Front of Liberation refuted the Regime’s false claims on the revolutionaries’ attacks against Aleppo using missiles loaded with chlorine, as they do not possess such weapons, and pointing out that no one uses this kind of weapons in Syria, except for Assad’s Regime, according to what is documented and proved by the competent international bodies.

* Translate by: Zainab Samara


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