Inserting Israel into the Regional Conscience

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Inserting Israel into the Regional Conscience
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From a hundred years ago until now, Zionists have changed their techniques from using force to establish the “State of Israel” to trying to introduce it into the conscience of the peoples of the region.

            The colonial powers could make use of the circumstances and situations during the First World War; and the Zionist movement leaders succeeded in their efforts with the British government to result in the decision of establishing a nation for the Jews in Palestine. At the time of the Ottoman Empire weakness, the Jews started to migrate to Palestine from most parts of the world, especially from Eastern Europe. They bought lands and began to occupy territories gradually until they could found an entity by force and by the support of the super powers at the expense of the original people of Palestine. This bloody era witnessed main wars between “Israel” and Arab states to end in 1973. After that, some limited military operations continued in the circumference of Israel.

            We can say that since 2006 the armed conflict between Arabs and Israel has no longer existed except for occasional attacks against besieged Gaza Strip. This atmosphere of “peace” -or no-war- status, which prevailed, is attributed to several reasons: the first is the mutual peace treaties made by Israel and Jordan on one hand, and the Palestinian Authority, on the other hand. The second is the general impression of Arab governments that the Palestinian case concerns the Palestinians themselves only, and they determine and manage their own affairs. The third is the chaos and destruction that some regional countries have been suffering and led to deterioration in most aspects of life, the thing that made peoples think about their own disasters and destiny and forget about Israel.

            In fact, the previous reasons contributed much in creating a general mood in the effective powers and media of the region to appreciate the existence of Israel as a “normal” entity, especially if compared with Iran – the “evil” neighbouring state, and those rulers who destroyed their countries and killed their peoples. In making such comparison, Israel likely appears as a “cuddly lamb”. We started to see top Israeli officials in many Arab countries, let alone Israeli athletes who participated in various sport events in the region. Moreover, many media characters began propagandizing for the appreciation of Israel intending by such endeavours to “insert” it into the conscience of people, leaning on semi-logical factors, due to the above-mentioned reasons.

            Israel has tried to permeate into the neighbouring countries of the Middle East in different ways. Politically speaking, it signed many agreements with those countries that allowed it to cooperate and coordinate political and military activities in the region. In addition, such agreements have enabled it to take part in social, economic, touristic and technological events and commercial exchange, too. This acceptance, whether of low or high degree, will enhance the chances of structural fusion of this entity with the local societies; and by the passage of time, this will be something normal especially for the upcoming generations.

            Actually, normalization came as a “normal” result of those direct and indirect factors. The plot has become explicit: to help Iran and give it the chance and support to build its military arsenal, dominate and threaten the regional states, and become the ghost that terrifies close countries. This helped destroying the region and create religious conflicts among the existing sectors, and led to consider Iran as the most hostile state and enemy number one. No doubt, this conviction of Iran as being the danger of the highest priority to be faced led to the idea of cooperating with a “less-hostile” state to make a coalition to get rid of this enemy. However, another reason contributed in making such conviction that people – commonly – discovered that those countries that raise the emblem of resisting Israel have been deceiving them, and only talking with no true actions. In the meantime, we have witnessed visits of top Israeli officials to some countries, and hear about expected ones in the near future.

            Whatever our belief is strong that this occupying entity will not last for long, and it is going to vanish sooner or later, we need to admit that the current time is its.

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