Deaths due to Bombing by Assad Forces on Camp Near Hama

فريق التحرير30 أبريل 2019آخر تحديث : منذ سنتين
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shelling of an IDPs’ camp near the Turkish observation point in Sher Maghar- Current image

Hama – Horrya press:

Two civilians were killed, and others have been injured, on Monday, as a result of the bombing Assad Forces launched on an IDPs’ camp near one of the Turkish observation points in the western countryside of Hama.

According to Horrya press correspondent in Hama, Assad forces targeted a camp near the Turkish observation point in “Sher Maghar” village, west of Hama, which resulted in the death of two people, and injury to others, stating that the shelling targeted a guard post for the Turkish forces inside the observation point as well.

The correspondent also added that people in the camp tried to enter the Turkish point to escape the shelling, but the Turkish forces fired in the air to prevent them.

In addition, our correspondent explained that people of the countryside of Hama started seeking protection at the Turkish points to protect themselves from shelling that is targeting most liberated areas, where they establish random camps near these points, especially in Al-Surman, and Sher Maghar in the countryside of Hama.

In the same context, the aggressive Russian air crafts launched air strikes on Tramla and Baarbu, east of Idlib, and similar attacks also targeted Qalaat Al Madiq, west of Hama, causing only material damages.

In its turn, Hama’s health Directorate declared that “Ltamenah’s surgical hospital” had gone out of service, after Russian airstrikes that resulted in huge damages in most of its sections, and cracked the building itself, to be the second hospital out of service during the last 24 hours, after the “111 Specialist Hospital” went out of service on Sunday due to airstrikes.

It is worth mentioning that Assad forces and militias escalated their attacks on the liberated areas in the countrysides of Idlib and Hama, targeting homes of civilians, schools, and bakeries, with air support of aggressive Russian air forces that are focusing on targeting hospitals and medical points, in line with the end of the 12th round of the Astana talks, that ended without an agreement between the guarantor countries.

Translated by Ruaa Kardas

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