Mass Demonstrations against “SDF” in Deir Ez-Zur

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فريق التحرير26 أبريل 2019آخر تحديث : الجمعة 26 أبريل 2019 - 7:28 مساءً
 دير الزور - حرية برس Horrya press
Demonstrations against “SDF” in Deir Wz- Zur- current image

Amjad Al-Sari- Horrya Press:

Hundreds of Deir Ez-Zur residents staged demonstrations, on Wednesday, against the militia of the Syrian Democratic Forces “SDF”, in protest against corruption and deteriorating living conditions in their villages and towns.

Local sources reported to Horrya Press that the residents of villages and towns of “Husan”, “Safera Tahtany”, and “Muhameda” in the western countryside of Deir Ez-Zur staged mass demonstrations, cut off the main roads, and lit tires, in protest against the high prices of fuel and the monopoly of petroleum products by “SDF”, as well as exporting them to Assad Regime.

Moreover, the resources pointed out that “the demonstrators demanded ‘SDF’ to to improve the living conditions of the residents of Deir Ez-Zur, and pumping oil to the markets at affordable prices, stating that the demonstrators evicted a delegation of “SDF” Militia came to the demonstration area, what led to clashes with hands between the demonstrators and the militia members.

In the same context, the residents of western countryside of Deir Ez-Zur and Al-Shaitat villages staged mass demonstrations against “SDF”, weeks ago, to end the corruption and improve the services in their areas.

It is also worth mentioning that the areas controlled by “SDF” witness rampant insecurity , and incidents of robberies, kidnappings, and assassinations, in addition to degradation of services and living conditions.

Translated by Wajd Abdulrahman

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